Legurmê Puro Sabor Naming, Brand Identity, Logo Design & Packaging Design, Website, Brochure São Paulo / Brazil
Connect Art Tattoo
Branding, identity and logo design for clothing company: Sedonna
Black Filmes®
Black Filmes is a film production company born of a partnership between the Brazilian distributor and production company Paris Filmes and Black Maria by producer Afonso Poyart, who directed films like "2 Coelhos", "Solace" and "Mais forte que o mundo". Due to this union we were invited to work on creating the visual identity of the new production company.
Greice Albuquerque
Branding for Greice Albuquerque Arquitetura / Porto Alegre / Brazil
Cafe Diego
Jacques Kharlakian
Branding for Jacques Kharlakian Custom Jewelry
VELEZ Alimentos Branding, Packaging, Print & Web
GuestUP is a startup - digital platform for business management. "Smart solutions for smart world."
Hed Coffee
IndHed™ Craft Beer
IndHed® Brewing Co by IndustriaHED® Branding, Packaging and everything Art Director: Eduardo Andrade www.indhed.com
Brand Development for 46graus - Websites for Photographers
PopChicken Gourmet Express
Branding for PopChicken Gourmet Express
Branding for Duccini Bolsas
InkBand Tattoo Care
Branding & Packaging Design for InkBand Tattoo Care
Branding and Logo Design for Frosttown, apparel company based in Texas/USA.
Maria Leque
MGbeyond Film Production / Istanbul Turkey
Branding for MG Beyond Film Production / Istanbul Turkey
IndHed™ Brewing Co
IndHed™ Brewing Co by IndustriaHED™ Project: Branding, Package and Advertising Art Director: Eduardo Andrade Photography: Eduardo Andrade & Studio Conci www.indhed.com
RIVERA Lifestyle Management / Barcelona Spain Brand Identity & Logo Design
Cervejaria Tupiniquim Sinônimo de Brasil, o nome Tupiniquim é a essência da identidade Cultural Brasileira e de seu povo. A bandeira é a Arara Azul, animal genuinamente brasileiro e Tupiniquim. Os produtos primam pela qualidade e originalidade. Brand Identity, Packaging Design & Web Design Photography by Studio Conci www.cervejatupiniquim.com.br
Branding for Lorensegs Insurance Company
Casa Feliz
Casa-Feliz means "Happy-House" in Portuguese. The concept is straightforward, a fun typography with a roof and chimney upon the logo and a smile beneath the composition. The result is an original playful logo.
Branding & Packaging for Sereníssima Nail Polish brand São Paulo / Brazil Photography: Studio Conci
Manuela Beheregaray
Branding and Website for Manuela Beheregaray Architecture & Design
Branding for Bonevi Celebrate
Branding for Conceitto Marketing Promocional
IndHed™ Limited Edition
IndHed™ Brewing Co by IndustriaHED™ Project: Branding, Package and Advertising Art Director: Eduardo Andrade www.indhed.com
Branding for Investhaus Business Boutique
Juli is a brand specializing in fine wines, named after the company's owner's second daughter, a young little princess. Delicate and youth are communicated by the flow and originality in the handmade type, created for the wordmark. Côtes du Rhône is a wine-growing Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC) for the Rhône wine region of France, which may be used throughout the region, also in those areas which are covered by other AOCs. In a limited part of the region, the AOC Côtes du Rhône-Villages may be used, in some cases together with the name of the commune.
Tagi Kohler
Identity Design for Tagi Kohler // no guilt sweets
Naming & Branding Projects for LouxLeather Industry - Peles Pampa Group
Branding and everything for Wodelicious® - lifestyle project
Identity DEsign for Ballet Brand
300 Cosmo Dining Room
Branding for Restaurant 300 Cosmo Dining Room Branding / Menus / Advertisings / Website / Print Design Interior Design: Manuela Beheregaray
Mestre Parrillero
Branding for restaurant Mestre Parrillero Assado Porteño - Parrilla Argentina
IDIT Jewelry / Tel-Aviv
Branding for Idit Jewelry / Established 1994 / Tel-Aviv Israel
Branding for Centenário Condo / Porto Alegre/Brazil
IndustriaHED Branding Logo Collection www.industriahed.com
Rockoel / Turin Italy
Rockoel Turin Italy / Branding by IndustriaHED
IndHed™ Ads
IndHed™ Brewing Co by IndustriaHED™ Project: Branding, Package and Advertising Photography: Eduardo Andrade & Studio Conci www.indhed.com
CREDEAL / Design Art Collection
IndustriaHED® Design Art Collection Project: Naming, Branding and Illustrations Client: Credeal
IndustriaHED™ / Publications
IndustriaHED™ Work Publications
IndHed™ / Publications
Publications IndHed® Brewing Co by IndustriaHED® // www.indhed.com
ArtDay Tattoo Convention
Branding for ArtDay International Tattoo Convention
Real estate development company based in Brazil
Brand development for international trading company - 2011
Brand development for Architecture Studio. - 2012
Brand development for lifestyle and accessories. - 2012
Re-design for night club. 2011
Joseane Oliveira
Brand development for Sports Nutritionist - 2013
Brand Identity for Laken Gramado 2010
KırmızıHalı / RedCarpet
Logo Design for KırmızıHalı (RedCarpet)
Logo Design for Chiapeta Empresa Agrícola in 2012.
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