Assim como pessoas, cada marca tem o seu próprio DNA, o seu próprio mapa com suas histórias, conceitos e valores. Cada marca é única e por isso nosso trabalho é proporcionar exclusividade para cada uma. As marcas que desenvolvemos têm personalidade e falam por si só através de cada traço.

Nós queremos que a sua empresa se destaque no mercado! Nós primamos pelo seu sucesso! Nós somos a IndustriaHED e estamos prontos para contar a sua história.

IndustriaHED is a graphic design studio based in Porto Alegre / Brazil, specializes in developing strong brands. Founded in 2010 by Eduardo Andrade, graphic designer and brand specialist.

Branding is the process of developing a company's brand, including a name, identity system and messaging platform. These aspects will develop what is referred to as a brand message, which will then be applied to marketing campaigns to spread that message. A brand represents a promise to your customers, what they can expect from your products/services, and essentially what differentiates your offering from competitors.

Brand identity is what the owner wants to communicate to its potential consumers. The recognition and perception of a brand is highly influenced by its visual presentation. A brand's visual identity is the overall look of its communications. A power visual brand identity is achieved by the consistent use of particular visual elements to create distinction, such as specific fonts, colors, and graphic elements. At the core of every brand identity is a brand mark, or logo. An effective logo is simple, memorable, and works well in any media including both online and offline applications.

IndustriaHED has the capacity to understand your business, analyze its consumers and to execute an adequate branding strategy to empower what is unique about your brand.